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Selling with our Online Auctions couldn’t be easier...

Whether you are selling an investment property or your home, we believe that the process should be exciting and stress free.

That’s why Williams & Goodwin The Property People Ltd is fast, certain and most importantly secure.

With Williams & Goodwin The Property People Ltd , a sale is effective immediately at the end of the auction. If you are the successful bidder, you will be legally obliged to complete the sale of the property. We operate in much the same way as if you were bidding in a live auction room, but we’re online. Williams & Goodwin The Property People Ltd uses technology provided by Bamboo Auctions.

A Step by Step Guide to Selling your Property

Agree a reserve price
A reserve is the minimum amount for which would be willing to sell your property. It is important that you have a realistic number in mind as you need to be competitive on price for auction, but we will of course help you with this. Once agreed you will be asked to sign our contract and provide proof of identification to meet with Money Laundering requirements.

Set the length of the auction
You can choose the length of the auction period up to 30 days from the date of listing online. Generally, we believe that the longer the auction period, the higher the number of bids and the greater the chance of achieving the maximum market value for the property. However, we appreciate that time is of the essence, so you may prefer a shorter auction period, which means a quicker exchange date.

Produce a legal documents pack
A legal pack must be uploaded prior to the start of the auction. We can put you in touch with our auction specialist legal partners if you'd like us to arrange a legal pack for you, who have agreed a fixed price for our online auctions. Alternatively, you may wish to instruct your own solicitors to arrange a legal pack.

Sit back and watch the bids come in! This is the fun part!
Bids are placed in minimum increments according the value of the property. In addition, whenever a bid is placed in the final 5 minutes, the auction timer will reset to 5 minutes. This is to allow other parties a fair chance to place another bid.


Exchange occurs at the end of the auction. This means that if the reserve is met or exceeded and the auction timer reaches zero, the successful bidder is legally obliged to pay the purchase price and you will be legally obliged to sell the property. To ensure that the successful bidder proceeds, the buyer is automatically charged a holding deposit, which is held in a secure client account, pursuant to the terms of a holding deposit agreement.

Exchange occurs online, immediately at the end of the timer and we will automatically generate a sale memorandum to evidence this exchange. Unless you specifically wish to sign the sale memorandum, your auctioneer will sign this on your behalf to evidence the sale.

Remember that if there is a successful bid, you will be legally obliged to sell the property for the full amount of the purchase price.

Frequently asked questions

Can I withdraw my property from the auction?

Yes, although you may be charged a withdrawal fee. We understand that you might have to withdraw your property, so we reserve the right to waive this fee in extenuating circumstances. Note however that if the auction period has ended and you receive a bid that is in excess of your reserve, you will be legally obliged to complete the sale of the property.

How do you verify bidders?

Identity and anti-money laundering checks are carried out on all bidders before they place a bid. This process involves buyers providing passport and/or driving licence details, which is checked against a variety of sources, including the electoral roll and with credit check providers.

Before placing a bid, all bidders must also input details of their solicitor and also their payment details. If a bidder is successful, they are automatically charged a holding deposit, which is held as agent for you (less any admin fees payable and subject to any online auction listing terms and conditions). This amount will be set off against the amount of the 10% deposit, which is payable by the buyer by 12pm the next business day of the end of the auction.

How will my property be advertised?
Your property will continue to be marketed on all the major portals. We will also market your property on our website and with our network of buyers, which includes overseas buyers, investors and cash buyers.